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Back Forty artisan ewe cheese Highland Blue and Dalhousie are Royal Winter Fair ribbon winners! Congratulations James!
Warning: these cheese are so delicious they can be addictive!! 

General informations


Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America official website.


Canadian Livestock Records Corporation website.



Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited website.



English version of Agri-traçabilité Québec website.

In charge of permanent identification and traceability of Quebec agri-food products from the farm to the table.


Short animation about industrial farming. Funny but really interresting...




Between the farm, the house and the family it sometimes seem that there is not enough of 24 hours in a day to do everything. Without Flylady, I would probably have go nuts!



The Icelandic Fleece, A Fiber for All Reasons

This book from Elizabeth Abbot is probably the only book in english presenting the Icelandic sheep fiber.

Managing your ewe and her newborn lambs

By Laura Lawson. What can I say... I don't think I could have survive my first lambing season without the help of my friends Elizabeth and Stefania... and this book! A lot of clear informations and images of possible birth presentations.

The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable

By Juliette de Baïrali Levy. This book presents many herbal treatments to prevent and heal frequent illness in farm animals. Some of the plants presented may be hard to find here but the book is still very interresting.

Other useful tools and links


Ranch Manager is the software we use on the farm to manage our sheep and cattle operations. User friendly!

A good thing to have when your flock size overruns your brain capacity to remember everything...